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Air Control has helped thousands of clients with their air con needs. From a basis clean to full installations, our team with decades of experience is here to help you find the most affordable solution to your AC requirements. 


Do you need help with a retrofit AC, AC replacement or a brand new aircon replacement? Air Control has a large network of well known AC brand; such as Panasonic, Daikin and Hitachi with regular available stock. Use a contractor that understands the value of a good working relationship, wants you to save money in any way possible and providing trusting and honest feedback as to what requirements will work for you. 

Air Control sources only the best, tried and tested materials for your installation with a focus on using the most qualified and reputable workers to enter your home, work or place of business. 

We worry about our presentation, how we treat your home and follow every safety protocol available to us to ensure that our installation service is fast, effective and transparent. 

Sometimes AC's break down and it's the middle of Summer and you desperately need it fixed, fast! Air Control's team are happy to help you work through the problem over the phone to try and diagnose a fast fix, but if we can't; we can organise someone to pop out to assist as quickly we possibly can! 

Providing honest feedback, our team will advise you if the costs of repairs would start to become too expensive and they might recommend a replacement instead- but if the repairs are affordable, we will order parts and get that air con up and running as quickly as possible. 

You can be assured that Air Control understands and prioritizes your time and we will do anything in the background to get those spare parts quickly and affordably sourced.

Air conditioners often clog with dust, dirt and moisture over time, resulting in mould and operational inefficiencies. Not only will your AC not effectively cool your space, but it will also run for longer; meaning higher electricity bills! Giving your air con a once over, a deep clean and some general maintenance, Air Control can ensure that your air-conditioner runs at top performance with the least amount of energy used. 

On top of that, servicing your air con can also help prevent break downs and costly repairs!

Depending on the environment where your AC is installed, aircons every quickly build up with dirt and dust and clog filters and reduce the efficiency of the unit. With regular, scheduled maintenance you can be assured that Air Control will pop out and service your AC as required in regular intervals meaning you can set and forget! 

Locking into regular maintenance is generally a cheaper and simpler way of making sure that you have year-round cooling in your space. 

With no lock in contracts and the option to cancel at any time, Air Control is happy to have a discussion with you about what we honestly feel is an appropriate option to regular maintenance.

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