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Air Control's electrical department is one of the most versatile group of workers the industry has ever seen. From industrial, undergrounds, domestic, maintenance work and switchboards; our electrical team covers every request you might have. 


Regular maintenance of electrical can include Test N Tag, RCD testing and thermo scanning can help you meet your legal requirements to all electrical work in your building. Some industries and all workplaces require proof of testing of all electrical leads and RCD's and Air Control is here to help. 

We can attend your site on regular intervals so you meet your compliance with professional reports and records. 

Is your power tripping out and you can't figure out why? There is nothing worse than being halfway through a movie and the power trips out.

Let our sparkies come to you and complete thorough fault finding to repair any damage or mis-wiring in your building.  Our staff use thermoimagery to detect damaged internal cables which reduce labour onsite and access issues when tracing cables. 

Our electricians are qualified, carry the best testing equipment and can well-versed in the best electrical practices. 

What type of electrical work do you need complete? New powerpoints, smoke alarms, lights or ceiling fans? Whether your job is a one off or a full fit out of a new build; our electrical team is capable of any install using the best quality materials and equipment. 

Our team are equipped to install both the original scope and upgrade any works on the spot to make sure that every aspect of your building's electrical is compliant. 

Trust sparkies in your home or workplace that are licenced, regularly trained in safety compliance and give you a comfortable and secure service in the comfort of your personal space. 

Digital Network Cables

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Submit your quotation today for our friendly Service department to assist you with your needs. 

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