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How can I ensure my AC is not wasting energy?

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

There’s no doubt that air conditioning can use a massive portion of your ever growing electricity bill but the great news is, it doesn’t have to!

Energy consumption is at its highest when heating or cooling; think kettles, toasters, dryers, ovens and yes, air conditioners. The sole purpose of your air conditioner is to cool the area to a temperature where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Once your AC is at the required temperature, it doesn’t take a whole lot of energy to keep it there!

Here are some great tips for your AC use to ensure it doesn’t blow the budget!

-Turn your AC to 23 degrees. Not only is 23 degrees a comfortable temperature, but your AC won’t work as hard to maintain that temperature

-Turn your AC on at the start of the day, before the weather starts to heat up. This way, your AC is maintaining the temperature from the morning, not fighting the heat of the afternoon to reduce the temperature.

-Don’t turn your AC off when you think the room is cool enough. If you allow the heat to creep back into the room, the AC has to work really hard again to reduce the temperature.

-Keep windows, doors and blinds shut where possible. Basically, its important to ensure that no further heat is entering into the space.

Save money by following these simple steps!


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