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What Licences Should I Look for?

When choosing an HVAC or electrical company, it is paramount that you select a company with the correct licences and insurances.

For the HVAC and Electrical industry, the company that you select should have the following licences:

1. Electrical Contractor's Licence: This licence shows that the business is registered with the Electrical Safety Office and allows both the company to be covered by the electrical regulations and employ staff to the company. This licence is paramount for any business that is registered as a partnership or company.

2. Full Electrical Licence: This licence is allocated to individuals with a full qualification in electrical mechanical. This means this tradesman has completed a full four year apprenticeship, is insured and can safely install and maintain your electrical equipment. If your sparky does not have this licence, he can not touch anything electrical that is not associated directly with the cabling inside your air-con or fridge. Also note, only electricians with this licence are allowed to connect your AC to the power in your home.

3. Restricted Electrical Licence: All tradesmen qualified to install air-con and refrigeration, must have a restricted electrical licence, which allows them to work with the electrical component associated directly within the air-con or fridge they are working on. This licence does not permit them to connect air-con, install lights or fans, or replace any electrical component inside your home.

4. ARC Handling Licence: Every single tradesman that is installing/ repairing or maintaining air-con equipment, must hold an ARC licence. There are different categories of ARC licencing and it is important that there are NO RESTRICTIONS on their licence in order for them to be fully licenced to install, maintain and repair your air-con. This licence regulates the maintenance of refrigerant or gas within your air-con unit, which is toxic to the environment and can severely burn humans. It is quite common to find electrical companies with a restricted ARC licence, meaning that if they install the unit incorrectly or there are issues later after installation, your tradesman is not licenced or insured to handle the refrigerant or to even purchase replacement refrigerant legally.

5. ARC Company Registration: Every single company that handles refrigerant must be registered with ARC. This registration allows the authority for refrigerant to audit and monitor the safe use of refrigerant within the industry. Companies are required to maintain thorough records of each time they buy, sell or dispose of refrigerant and the inspect and test the cylinders that the refrigerant comes in, on a regular basis.

6. QBCC Contractor Licence: Every company that installs air-con must hold a licence with QBCC- the building authority in QLD. This licence allows the authority to regulate that all air-con and ductwork is installed to quality assurance standards and building codes, minimising fires, hazards and safety concerns. Each licence must be evaluated financially each renewal to determine the total sales each company can make per year. If your company has reached its maximum allowed turn over with QBCC, further work for that remaining year is not insured.


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