Recycling Design & Technologies ( RDT) is a leading international engineering and construction company in the Waste and Recycling Industry.  AIR CONTROL’s team  Have  Designed,  Built  and  Installed  motor control  centers  ( MCC’ s)  that  have  been  distributed  around  Australia  and New  Zealand  on  sites  in  NSW,  Victoria,  QLD,  New  Plymouth,  Wellington and Auckland.


Air Control Pty Ltd have completed Electrical works in the following aspects.


  • MCC D& C

  • PLC system design and upload

  • Site establishment

  • HMI design and configuration

  • Cable support systems

  • Electrical installation and commissioning

  • Remote support establishment

  • MSB upgrades

  • Main conductor upgrades

  • Plant emergency an egress path lighting design and installation

  • Burner control and installation

Air Control’s   team members  successfully  completed  the  installation  of  the upgraded site MSB. These works were completed over a 24 hour period that consisted of split shifts to help minimize loss of production time.

Electrical scope of works consisted of the following.


Air Control Pty Ltd continue provide operational support to ensure productivity is optimized 24 hrs a day.


  • Supply of new MSB

  • Disconnection of load side of TX

  • Labelling of both used and redundant circuits

  • Decommissioning of redundant MSB

  • Removal of MSB

  • Termination and testing of circuits

  • Test and monitor new installation