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Air Control have 60+ years working in refrigeration. From single cold rooms to massive supermarkets, our team are very knowledgeable in servicing, repairing and installing cold and freezer room equipment. 

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Submit your quotation today for our friendly Service department to assist you with your needs. 

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Do you have a new commercial refrigeration project that needs quoting? Air Control specializes in installing the most effective refrigeration solution to suit your budget, cold room size and purpose. 


Air Control uses renown brands with top quality materials and equipment with excellent warranties to ensure that you get the most from your new refrigeration set-up. 

Our technically minded and over qualified staff are here to assist you with any queries or information you need when making your choice for new build or expansion of your refrigeration requirements in any food, hospitality, floristry and transport industry.

We know when your cold or freezer room break downs, you have hundreds or thousands of dollars of spoilage waiting to be thrown out if we can't get to you fast! Air Control offers a 24 break down service for all refrigeration needs with a qualified tradesman ready to repair and stabilize the temperature of your cold room, until we can source the right parts to fix it, re-gas or de-ice. 

Give us a call with the current high temperature of your cold room and we will have a tech out ASAP to diagnose and repair within a matter of hours. All you need to do is sit down, guard the cold room door so no-one lets out the cold air and wait for us to arrive.


Servicing your refrigeration can help reduce break downs, saving you in the long run with costly repair bills and loss of food. Air Control can visit you onsite to arrange a service of your refrigeration which includes checking gas levels and for any gas leaks, cleaning the units, checking all valves and fixings to ensure they are tight and testing the equipment to make sure the unit is operating at a functioning level. 

Regular maintenance of your refrigeration equipment is the quickest and easiest way to make sure that you are limiting the number of break downs you experience over the year. 

We automatically schedule in your maintenance at regular intervals so you can click and forget. 

Our friendly service technicians will work in with your service, to ensure they are attending outside of busy hours and access is available. 

Be assured that our staff are safe, clean and reliable!

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