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Need help with your air conditioning? 

Air Control is here to help for all your aircon supply, installation, repairs, service and general maintenance

Air Conditioner

Air Control is here to help

Air Control's service division has 60+ years of experience in a vast variety of areas of air conditioning. Whether you need a new AC, replacement aircon, your aircon has stopped working or it's in a desperate need of a clean; you can book quickly and easily with our friendly staff. Based in Yatala, Queensland; with a team of 24 staff all over Brisbane and Gold Coast, you can be confident that we have a suitable technician for all your air-conditioning requirements. Air Control can help you with one-off assistance to large, Tier 1 construction projects. 

How we can help You

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When can I expect a call back?

Air Control has a dedicated service department with our wonderful Cassie ready to return your call or reply to your email as soon as you are ready to lodge an enquiry or request. We value your time and don't want you to wait! No more emailing a contractor and never hearing back from us. 

What happens if I book with you?

Our service team will advise you with full transparency when we expect a technician to arrive. 

Sometimes we have delays and emergencies, but you should always expect from us clear communication. 

The last we want for you, is to wait for us and waste your time.


Air Control usually gives a window of expected arrival of 2 hours. 

What guarantees do you offer?

Air Control provides a 6 month guarantee on our workmanship for all work completed in your home, on top of the manufacturer's warranties for all equipment installed. If you have any issues outside our workmanship, we are still happy to assist you through the process with the manufacturer to make sure you receive top service from us and them!

What if I can't afford the quote?

Start a conversation with us! 

We would never quote for something that we truly didn't believe would save you money in the long run whilst still providing a working AC. 

If you don't believe the quote is worth it or you can't afford it, our service team will either explain in depth what each charge is for, or they can try and find another option that suits your budget so you don't have to miss out, or worse- shop around for a cheaper contractor whose quality is cheaper too!

What's different about Air Control?

Air Control is family owned and operated. We are proud to create a community of loyal clients that turn into friends. Our goal is to never take your relationship with us for granted, to the point that we will get you to try every possible rectification option before we visit, to attempt to save you money. 

We want a trusting, mutual relationship with you where you never feel ripped off or under-valued. 

I don't know what I want!

Don't stress! 

Our staff know to educate you and help you work what your options are and what benefit they have to you. 

Give us a basis idea of what you are chasing and let us do the research for you and present you with all the options!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Air Conditioner
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