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What are the types of Air Conditioning systems to choose from?

Can’t stand the idea of sweltering through another summer without air conditioning? Or shivering through another winter? It’s time to get air conditioning and our easy guide is designed to help you choose the one that’s perfect for you. Should you opt for a Split System or a Ducted? What’s best for your type of home? And what even is a Multi-Split System?

At Daikin, air conditioning is all we do. So whether you just want to cool down a couple of rooms, or want the ultimate in climate control over your entire home, we make finding the perfect air-conditioner system a breeze.

Here are the three main types of Air Conditioning solutions you can choose from.

1. Split System Air Conditioning

Split Systems are ideal for:

Heating and cooling individual rooms in your home

Compact spaces

What’s a Split System?

Quite simply, a Split System Air Conditioner is designed for individual areas in your home. For instance, you may only want to air condition the baby’s room, or maybe the main living area where you do most of your entertaining. Or perhaps your own bedroom, for those humid nights. With a Split System, the compressor is installed outside your house and the unit that passes air into the house is either discreetly wall mounted or a compact floor-standing unit.

What are the advantages of a Split System? There are two main benefits.

The first is that a Split System is more economical than other types of Air Conditioning systems, as you’re only buying and installing one unit at a time and using less energy than some other systems.

The second benefit of a Split System is that they allow you to select the rooms you only want to air condition.

2. Multi Split Air Conditioning Solutions

Multi Split Systems are ideal for: Heating and cooling up to 5 rooms

Homes with limited space for ducted air conditioning

When you want to control room temperatures individually

What’s a Multi Split System?

In every family or couple, there’s always someone who loves the room to be icy cold. And there are those who want comfort without chill. A Multi Split Air Conditioner lets you run multiple air conditioners with just one outside compressor, giving you independent temperature control over each room. You can choose which rooms and the type of indoor unit for each room. Now that’s multi choice!

What are the advantages of a Multi Split System? There are three key benefits.

Firstly, it’s a convenient, economical air solution, allowing maximum comfort, with minimum running costs, because you can heat or cool rooms exactly as you need.

Secondly, with just one outdoor unit, you can choose up to 5 different kinds of indoor units to suit each rooms décor. Choose from wall mounted, duct connected, floor standing ceiling suspended or a cassette type unit.

Thirdly, separate controls let you tailor and control the climate in each room, so everyone’s happy.

3. Ducted Air Conditioning Solutions

Ducted Systems are ideal for: Heating and cooling your entire home

When you want a discreet look along with ultimate comfort

What’s a Ducted System? When you want your whole home to be a comfort zone, Ducted Air Conditioning systems are your all-in-one climate control solution. All it takes is a discreetly positioned outdoor unit and an indoor unit concealed in either your ceiling or under your floor, with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air via vents throughout your home.

What are the advantages of a Ducted System? There are four main advantages.

First, you have the choice to install a Ducted System into a new home or it can be tailored to suit your existing one.

Secondly, you’ll hardly know it’s there – only the controller and grilles are visible inside your home and with all its technology hidden away, it’s the quietest of all air conditioning solutions.

Thirdly, ducted air conditioning will not only enhance your lifestyle, it will significantly add to the value of your home.

Last, but not least, you enjoy the flexibility to heat or cool every room and can zone control your home to maximise energy efficiency.

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