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Why does my air conditioner need a service from a HVAC company?

Aside from a general clean of your air conditioner, there are many parts internally to an air conditioning unit that can fail or require some love to perform to its maximum ability.

During a service, your AC mechanic will inspect all seals for refrigerant leaks, perform a thorough clean of your filter, make sure that the drain is clear and free from obstructions and test your AC for any issues. Sometimes your air conditioner will need a coil clean, which is completed with special coil cleaner, not available for purchase at the supermarket.

If your air conditioner does have refrigerant leaks, only a licenced mechanic is able to fix the leak and replenish your unit with the appropriate refrigerant.

Servicing your air conditioner not only reduces costs of repairs later down the track, but ensures the efficiency of the unit so your energy bills stay down!

A service from an air conditioning mechanic can take as little as 15 minutes. You wouldn’t dream of not servicing your car and comfort while at home is just as important!


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